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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s business leaders tell us of risks – legal and financial — to their bottom line if products they sell contain toxic chemicals. At the same time, they see opportunity to bring safer chemicals and products to market. Businesses need scientific information, greater transparency and support for innovation, and that requires meaningful reform in toxic chemicals law.

Launched in Spring 2015, Companies for Safer Chemicals New York is a coalition of enterprises and brands headquartered and/or doing business in New York State committed to advancing a safer, non-toxic marketplace.

The position of these companies is clear: it’s time for the state government to step in where the federal system for regulating chemicals – the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) – is broken. 

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Dear Legislator,

As business leaders representing companies based and/or doing business in New York State, we need comprehensive, effective chemical safety reform legislation that protects businesses from liability, provides market incentives for producing cleaner, safer chemicals and products, and protects consumers from toxic chemicals. In the absence of meaningful chemical reform at the federal level, it is imperative New York State and local governments take the necessary steps to ensure smart regulations.

Business customers and consumers alike are increasing their demands for safer chemicals in everyday products. Companies deserve objective, science-based guidance in improving their products and processes, and government should contribute to this guidance.

As global and domestic markets respond, the competitiveness of New York’s companies will depend on their capacity to deliver less toxic products.

Effective chemical policy reform in New York must:

  • Clearly identify chemicals that are unsafe.
  • Require the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to take the most harmful chemicals off the market without delay.
  • Enable and encourage the market to recognize innovators who offer safer alternatives.
  • Require public access to information about the safety of specific chemicals.

We urge you to pass NYS Child Safe Products Act. This will provide an effective tool for providing safer products and building the NYS economy.


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