17 Jul

Possible Ban on PFAS in Food Packaging

We hope the NYS Assembly and Senate both consider the bill (S2000B/A4739B), which would ban PFAS in food packaging.  There is a growing body of research showing that PFAS poisoning can weaken the immune system and undermine resistance to infections such as COVID-19. According to the CDC, “PFAS exposure may reduce antibody responses to vaccines.”  While scientists around the planet race toward a vaccine for COVID, we are poisoning ourselves in a way that potentially reduces vaccine efficacy. The long term impact of PFAS on our communities directly affects our ability to survive this COVID-19 pandemic and future health crises.

We must pivot now to safer packaging alternatives, which already exist.  If you represent a business and are interested in sharing your voice on this important issue, contact bob@NewYorkSBC.org.