Priority Issues

NYS Sustainable Business Council’s policy agenda spans the spectrum of issues core to building an equitable and sustainable clean energy economy in NYS.  We believe that advocacy for these issues is critical to achieving full participation in the new economy.

Join us for meetings on these topics in person and online.  You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded New York State business leaders and also discuss these issues with elected officials in your home district or in Albany at NYSSBC’s annual business summit.

Energy, Environment and Climate

NYSSBC focuses much of its efforts in supporting policies that reduce climate change and protect the environment. For 2017, examples that illustrate the limitation of fossil fuel development and the investments that support it include banning fracking waste transport, protecting drinking water, slowing the expansion of fracked gas infrastructure, putting a price on carbon and divesting NYS’s pension funds from the fossil fuel industry. To speed the transition to renewables, NYSSBC supports the development of community solar, incentives for geo-thermal energy and a reversal of the Governor’s proposed reinvestment in nuclear power.

Safer Chemicals

Our commitment to toxic chemical reform led to Companies for Safer Chemicals New York. NYSSBC & the American Sustainable Business Council cosponsor this initiative, launched in 2015, which is a coalition of enterprises and brands headquartered and/or doing business in New York State committed to advancing a safer, non-toxic marketplace.
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As a member of the Just Green Partnership since 2013, NYSSBC has advocated for the passage of a bill in the NYS that would result in toxic chemical reform. Known in previous legislative sessions as the Child Safe Product Act and Parent’s Right to Know, the current bill is in development for 2017.


The NY Health Act would provide comprehensive universal healthcare, a single payer program paid into by employers and employees. Small business owners would benefit from stabilized and reduced healthcare costs for themselves and their staff, increasing competitiveness, productivity and healthy people in the workplace. If you are a business owner in New York State, we invite you to sign onto the “Business Owners Support New York Health” campaign, and please pass this invite to other business owners you know.  Sign on here.


Just Workplace and Small Business

NYSSBC supported the successful effort for paid family leave that passed in 2016. For 2017, a major effort to prevent theft of wages, imperative for a just workplace, is embodied in a bill known as SWEAT (Securing Wages Against Earned Theft). The bill will help create a more level playing field for businesses that pay their employees legally and fairly.

Advocacy for the advancement of Worker Cooperatives is on NYSSBC’s agenda for a second year.  Worker cooperatives, which address the inequality of income and opportunity, represent a growing sector of the sustainable economy.