22 Sep

Introducing our New Director: Bob Rossi

We are excited to announce our new Executive Director, Bob Rossi, who will be leveraging his experience in business startups and nonprofit development to grow NYSSBC and to serve as your go-to connection for policy advocacy that builds a just and sustainable economy in New York State. As we welcome Bob, we also salute our former ED, Laura Ornstein, as she begins her graduate career at UNC Charlotte focusing on GIS and Urban Planning.

Since we began just a few short years ago, so much of our success can be attributed to Laura’s incredible talent and dedication. For the past two years, Bob worked with Laura as a volunteer for NYSSBC. This working relationship plus their efforts together over this transition month have laid important groundwork for our continued growth and success. Thank you, Laura and Bob!!

Laura & Bob

Right out of the gate, Bob will be heading to the 5th annual Sustainable Business Summit in Washington, DC next week hosted by the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC). If you wish to join the Summit, contact Bob (bob@nyssbc.org) or click here: bit.ly/SustyBiz16; there are tickets still available and discounts for members of NYSSBC!

At the Summit in DC, Bob will be representing YOU.  We invite you to wish him success and to post your questions or ideas to our Facebook post here.

For NYSSBC, Bob brings many assets to the table. He has nonprofit development experience most notably through his work in co-founding the Green Resource Hub and the Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network (the SEEN), a local “triple bottom line” business community, of which Bob later served as Director.  Bob’s experience in starting and growing a business network and strengthen its value for the network members will clearly inform his work as your new Director.

Bob can also speak from the business perspective as he has been involved in several business startups in software, manufacturing, and green building.  Most Recently, Bob founded the CommonSpot, a coworking space and social enterprise incubator — a place designed to help other businesses startup and thrive. As we — the staff and steering of NYSSBC — are spread across New York State, the CommonSpot in Ithaca is our new home. Centrally located (or “centrally isolated” as Ithacans like to say) in the middle of New York State, it is where we can all convene as we did last month for our retreat. In addition to Bob’s wealth of experience and beautiful energy, he has the dedication to bring NYSSBC to the next level.

None of our current success would be possible without people like you; sustainable and equitable business owners, customers, workers and movement builders. We invite you to join us in this period of growth and find ways to participate. Please don’t hesitate to email Bob (bob@nyssbc.org) with any questions, concerns, ideas or offers. Look for future posts from Bob with opportunities to get involved. We’re looking forward to it.

So, here’s a big “thank you” to Laura Ornstein and a big “welcome” to Bob Rossi.  Here’s to a bright future of our State and the future of a sustainable and equitable economy!