29 Nov

What the Food Service Industry Needs to Know About New York State’s Ban on PFAS in Food Packaging

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In 2020, the New York legislature passed a ban on PFAS in food packaging, which goes into effect at the end of this year.  PFAS are”per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances,” a class of manufactured chemicals used in products to resist heat, stains, oil, and water. As research continues to uncover the many health impacts of PFAS, the food service industry must transition effectively to safer alternatives.

Participants will learn more about this new law, what to expect nationwide, and how your business can effectively transition.  NYSBC is partnering with Emerald Brand to provide this essential primer especially for businesses in the food service industry.  Based in Huntington, NY, Emerald Brand has been a consistent pioneer in sustainable retail packaging since 1997 and now produces PFAS-free food packaging. 

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